CH resident thanks UH for its response

To the Editor:

Someone hit a skunk on the street in front of my [Staunton Road] home. I had two days and nights of sleeplessness. I was ill from the stench. It stunk to high heaven and was so strong it woke me up the first night. Headache and nausea weren't the only symptoms. I could taste the skunk all day long and when I was able to sleep at all I dreamt that a skunk was constantly following me around no matter what I did. I made multiple calls to Cleveland Heights City Hall—police, the service department, the mayor, council members, legal department, etc. The only answer I got was okay we know about it, or, we'll get to it when we can. [It was] mostly voicemail messages from me that were not returned. I then called the EPA and tried to find a functioning, real newspaper. No one could or would help.

Then I got smart! I called University Heights! I got a friendly response and quick action! Thank you, thank you University Heights! They never questioned why I called them instead of Cleveland Heights and were quick to pick up the animal. I will remember this always, and anytime I have a problem.

It really is a shame that my taxes are going to a city that cannot be there for [its] citizens, like the time that Dugway Brook smelled like feces. I called city services many times and never once received a return phone call. I finally figured out that the NEORSD would investigate the waterway. They actually came out and ended up fixing the problem.

Thank you again University Heights! You are my heroes.

Judy Torres

Judy Torres
Cleveland Heights

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Volume 13, Issue 2, Posted 12:18 PM, 02.01.2020