TOH dog park is badly situated

To the Editor:

This is a small detail with long-term impact:
At the last Architectural Board of Review Top of the Hill meeting, the developer and the architect unveiled a dog park for the project. At first, it doesn't sound bad, but it will be located across from the main entrance to the Buckingham Condominiums.

Very bad choice. The Buckingham's front door will be across from a potentially noisy and smelly space. Ah, but they said that everyone will follow the rules and if they don't they will be tracked down using their dog's DNA.

It's almost guaranteed that there will be problems. It is unfair that Buckingham residents will have to deal with this on a daily basis. Doesn't the city realize that this is their front door? Would any of us be pleased with this addition across from our main entry? Can we be more realistic about this?
Right now there is a small collection of boulders at the corner, with existing trees and bushes that look fine. The plan is to remove all of that existing landscaping, add fake turf, plant along the sidewalk side, and locate the dog turf toward the front-door entry lobby. If the landscaping was cleaned up and left alone, it would continue to provide some screening. 

To be fair to these residents, the park should be placed near one of the new apartments since it will be used by those residents. Smelly planning. Noisy planning. Bad planning!

Richard Bozic

Richard Bozic
Cleveland Heights

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Volume 13, Issue 1, Posted 9:59 AM, 01.03.2020