Think before you vote [Corrected version]

To the Editor:

Before deciding for or against the proposed amendment to the city charter, [I urge CH residents] read and think about what it establishes:

“Shall various Articles of the Charter of the City of Cleveland Heights be amended to change the form of government from its current elected Council and appointed Manager form, to an elected Mayor and Council form, and to provide for the powers, duties, four-year term, qualifications, and removal process for the office of the Mayor, and to create the position of the City Administrator appointed by the Mayor and subject to Council approval who shall be responsible for assisting the Mayor in overseeing the administrative functions of the City, commencing with the initial election of the Mayor to occur at the regular municipal election occurring in the year 2021; and to eliminate the City Manager position?

Cleveland Heights needs a lot of improvements. The master plan worked out by the council with the city manager addresses these needs, and slow progress is happening. Do we want a politician, with other work concerns and no expertise required, to take over? Should we give all of this power to one individual? We clearly need more highly qualified employees to do the work which the plan details. That we have a master plan being implemented is exciting to me, and rare, I believe.

Please study and think about the proposed charter amendment before you vote.

[Editor’s note: As originally published online, and as published in the October print issue of the Heights Observer, the ballot language quoted in this letter was incorrect. It referenced one of the preliminary versions of the ballot issue that CH City Council considered, rather than the final version. That final, correct ballot language now appears in the above letter, and the correction will be noted in the Heights Observer’s November issue.]

Sheila Friedman

Sheila Friedman
Cleveland Heights

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Volume 12, Issue 10, Posted 11:00 AM, 10.01.2019