CH's Frank creates meaningful marketing campaigns

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  • The "Public is for all" banner wrapped the fence throughout Heights High's renovation process.

  • Roger Frank, Heights resident, CH-UH parent, and managing partner of Little Jacket.

  • The walkability of The College Club’s neighborhood became an essential aspect of the marketing campaign — tabulating the number of steps to Heights’ favorites like Luna and Nighttown.

  • “Close to everything. Unlike anything.” The College Club properties on Overlook are a mix of rental and for-purchase units where historical relevance and modern accessibility have been thoughtfully blended.

  • The Little Jacket team, left to right, Roger Frank, Micki Hejduk, Joey Parlett, Ellen Russell, Lori DiFranco, and Christian Woltman. 

  • Frank’s design firm led the discovery process that resulted in the iconic “Public is for all” campaign that premiered during the renovations at Heights High. Phase 2 of the branding project, “Excellence for all” rolls out this year.

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