CH needs government that serves current needs

To the Editor:

This letter is a response to Alan Rapoport's opinion article, "A city manager form of government works well," published in the Heights Observer's June issue.

As a former mayor, Rapoport understandably likes Cleveland Heights' government structure, citing history, progress and a contrasting example.

However: 1) The current structure is a “good government” initiative of the 1920s Progressive Era, but 100 years later, Cleveland Heights is almost three times larger with different challenges, demographics and context. 2) He thinks the system works well and cites as proof several new buildings (a new city hall and two fire stations). But these are mere updates, neither visionary nor forward thinking. 3) He is right that no form of government is a “magic solution,” and points to East Cleveland as a negative example. But he could just as well have pointed to University Heights or Shaker Heights and other nearby suburbs that are operating very well with elected mayors.

Cleveland Heights needs to move forward and elect our mayor.

Cristine Rom

Cristine C. Rom
Cleveland Heights

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Volume 12, Issue 7, Posted 12:33 PM, 06.27.2019