University Heights City Council meeting highlights 5-20-2019

MAY 20, 2019


  • Public comments
  • Regional dispatch center
  • Property maintenance grant program
  • Tennis court rebuild
  • Fire safety inspection
  • Parks and Recreation District zoning change
  • Inspections fee schedule
  • Yard nuisance abatement
  • Warrensville mid-block crossing
  • Road striping
  • A&S Animal Control
  • Non-bargaining employee ordinances repeal
  • Purvis Pool new payment system


Present were Mayor Michael D Brennan, Pamela Cameron, Phil Ertel, John Rach, Michele Weiss and Mark Wiseman. Steven Sims arrived at 7:10. Vice Mayor Susan Pardee was absent. Also present were Law Director Luke McConville, Finance Director James Goffe and Clerk of Council Kelly Thomas. The meeting was held from 7:05 to 9:30 pm

Public comments

Council race: Barbara Blankfeld of Saybrook Road announced that she will be running for city council this year.

Regional dispatch center

Mayor Brennan reported that he will now chair the Regional Dispatch Center as Cleveland Heights City Manager Tanisha Briley is stepping down.

Property maintenance grant program

Council approved the creation of a new grant program to assist low-income residents who must make repairs to their home. They can receive up to $2,500 with at least a 10 percent match from the owner. There are income guidelines based on household size and income.

Tennis court rebuild

Patrick Grogan-Meyer, housing, and community development director, will submit a grant application to The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) for rebuilding the second set of tennis courts at Purvis Park. City Engineer Joe Ciuni is working on an estimate of the cost, but the grant application is due June 1. The city can apply for 75 percent of the projected cost. The work would be budgeted for and done in 2020.

Fire safety inspection

Council authorized ordinance 2019-26, which will require a fire safety inspection before occupancy of any commercial building.

Parks and Recreation District zoning change

Mr. Grogan-Meyer stated that this new zoning code would govern the use of all parks and recreation areas for permitted and accessory uses of the parks, including requirements of buffer zones between parks and adjacent homes. Current uses will be grandfathered into the code. This was presented on first reading.

Inspections fee schedule

A proposal to update the Bureau of Fire Prevention ordinance would clarify the fee schedule of nonresidential or commercial inspections and determine when someone would be turned over to the city prosecutor for non-compliance. These permits include uses of fire hydrants, hot roof projects, and mobile food truck inspections.

Yard nuisance abatement

Council approved a contract with Top Level Lawn Service LLC to cut grass higher than 8”, trim shrubs, or clear debris as needed when homeowners do not respond to complaints. Top Level will charge the city $25 per property, but the cost plus fees will then be passed on to the property owner. The city crew had to cut 21 lawns last week. Top Level is a minority business enterprise (MBE).

Warrensville mid-block crossing

CTL Engineering has been selected to oversee the construction of the Warrensville Center mid-block crossing and bike lane project. The grant from the Northeast Ohio Coordinating Agency requires an engineering firm to be on site during the work. This will cost approximately $25,000 to $30,000. The motion was amended to approve a maximum of $30,000. Council approved the motion, with Councilman Rach abstaining. He objects to the additional unexpected cost but supports the project.

Road striping

Council approved the contract with Midwest Parking Lot Maintenance, in conjunction with Shaker Heights, to complete repainting of all road markings at a cost of $44,500 per year. This is a three-year contract, with years two and three approved only if the work is satisfactory.

A&S Animal Control

South Euclid can no longer provide animal control services for University Heights, but neighboring communities highly recommended A&S Animal Control. A&S provides a broader range of services, and their fees are comparable or less than South Euclid.They require a $1,500 retainer annually, with a maximum of $7,500 in additional service fees.

Non-bargaining employee ordinances repeal

Council repealed the previous non-bargaining employee compensation and fringe benefit ordinances as benefits have been revised in the new city employee handbook and the former ordinances no longer pertain.

Purvis pool new payment system

Mr. Goffe announced that the new system is in place at the pool to allow easier credit card processing. The system is available in the pool office and at concessions, but is not available online for this year. This new system also has an easier time clock system for pool employees, which enables easier reporting for the manager.

LWV Observer: Wendy S. Deuring.

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