Mouriño joins Cedar Fairmount clinic

Laura Mouriño

Dr. Laura Mouriño has joined the Options Naturopathic Clinic practice of Erin Holston Singh, N.D., in the Cedar Fairmount Business District’s Heights Medical Building.

As naturopathic doctors, both Mouriño and Holston seek to support individuals in their journey to optimal health through natural means, and stress the important connections between social issues, environmental concerns and human health.

A graduate of the National University of Natural Medicine (formerly the National College of Natural Medicine), Mouriño attributes her pursuit of this field of medicine to her “complex medical history as a child.”

“After the removal of a benign brain tumor,” Mouriño explained, “my mother’s family used ‘folk medicine,’ along with conventional medicine, to assist in my recovery. The herbs and natural ingredients used allowed me to heal faster, and without scars.” Mouriño became interested in good food, and the medical aspects of healing with naturopathic methods.

At the university, Mouriño took two years of basic science courses, including anatomy, biochemistry and pathology—the same as required for medical doctors. Two years of clinical sciences and clinical rotations followed. After taking her clinical licensing exams, Mouriño chose to move to Cleveland Heights from Portland, Ore., to join Holston Singh's practice.

“Having had difficulty managing as the solo N.D. in Cleveland Heights,” said Holston Singh, “I am thrilled to welcome another naturopathic physician to our practice. Laura embodies the heart and soul of naturopathic medicine from the inside out; we are so grateful for her having come to Ohio.”

Trained as a primary care physician, Mouriño seeks to provide effective, sustainable, and “least harmful” natural health care options. She performs minor surgeries, such as stitching wounds and removing abscesses, and can recommend other conventional and naturopathic treatments.

She offers a free 10-minute consult in her office or on the phone for both English and Spanish speakers, and her clients range from infants to the elderly. She also offers talks on healthy development and healing through the ages.

For additional information, visit or call 216-707-9137.

Kaye Lowe

Kaye Lowe recently retired as the executive director of the Cedar Fairmount Special Improvement District.

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