A fine-dining gem opens on Noble

The interior of Jewellz Fine Dining, at 2204 Noble Road. [photo: Diane Hallum]

The comfortable and relaxing feel of Jewellz Fine Dining, 2204 Noble Road, carries through from the moment one enters this newly opened restaurant to the wonderful, unexpected flavors of the delicious food.

Don't expect fast-food or corner diner-type fare here. This is a menu with grace, intelligence and warmth.

The hard work and skills of chef/owner Dieesha Witherspoon come together in a multifaceted menu that may include rack-of-lamb chops, chicken Alfredo and grilled salmon. Diners can also expect to find a variety of hot wing preparations, an “Amazing Burger,” and chicken spaghetti. What primarily fills the menu, though, are those types of meals that families might eagerly relish at their own home tables following Sunday church.

Come on Sunday to experience the warmth and flavor of those home-style foods. Called “Soul Food Sunday,” Witherspoon serves up delectable pot roast, steaks, oxtails, baked chicken, and side dishes that include extraordinary greens, broccoli and cheese, macaroni and cheese, and mashed potatoes.

Five years ago, Witherspoon, who began learning her skills and craft at her aunt's elbow at age 12, turned her love of cooking into a successful carry-out-only restaurant at E. 179th and Woodland Avenue.

“We had a rule,” explained Witherspoon. “Customers weren't allowed to open their carry-out boxes inside the restaurant because once they tasted it they would never leave! People would actually sit in their cars in the parking lot eating out of the carry-out containers. They told us the food was so good they didn't want to wait until they drove home.”

Customers repeatedly told her and her staff that the food was too good to be carried out. “It made me want to cry,” said Witherspoon. “I decided I wanted to do better for my customers. That is why I decided to expand and open this establishment, so my old customers could have a place to dine in.”

More than 200 people showed up on a recent Sunday, causing the restaurant to run out of several entrees before the end of service.

“I love what I do. And I know that I can get better at it,” said Witherspoon. “I enjoy providing meals in a comfortable place where families can eat together. I also want to introduce different food selections to people who they may never have experienced before.”

“It's hard work,” Witherspoon said. “But I love working hard and making magic in the kitchen. Every day, I know that it will get better and better. I'm looking forward to introducing my recipes to new customers and becoming a solid part of this neighborhood.”

The menu changes daily, with entrees and selections ranging from $5 to $35.

Jewellz Fine Dining (216-466-3425) is open Tuesday through Saturday, noon to 9 p.m., and Sunday, 3–8 p.m. Reservations are accepted; no alcohol is served.

Diane Hallum

Diane Hallum is a longtime resident of the north side of Cleveland Heights.

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