UH Senior Citizen Happenings

Senior Happenings, sponsored by the city of University Heights, are open to all senior citizens. Events take place on Thursdays at 2 p.m. at the University Heights Library. To receive the monthly schedule by e-mail, call 216-932-7800, ext. 205, or send an e-mail to info@universityheights.com.

Dec. 6: Georgia Davis, a flight nurse with the U.S. Air Force, will look back on her wartime service aboard a C-141, ferrying wounded soldiers from Vietnam back home to the States. After 10 years of military service, Davis retired with the rank of major.

Dec. 13: Joy Henderson, parent/community liaison for Heights High, will be accompanied by a group of AFS international exchange students. Henderson will decribe the work of AFS, promoting understanding among nations and building cultural awareness through student exchange.

Dec. 20: Marc White. a graduate of Kent State University Fashion School, will discuss his diverse career. He designs clothes for celebrities and others, all while managing a nonprofit farm in Cleveland’s Kinsman neighborhood, where he also consults on community gardening.

Dec. 27: No senior citizen meeting today. The program will resume in January, after the holidays. 

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Volume 11, Issue 12, Posted 10:20 AM, 12.03.2018