2018 Heights Observer Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking stuffers ($10.00 or less)

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  • Locally-made Lip Balms. Blush Boutique

  • Bennington Candle Tin. Atma Center.

  • Five-piece Macaron Boxes. Luna Bakery.

  • Eco Cubes. S'Wonderful Gifts.

  • Dog and Cat Lip Balms. S'Wonderful Gifts.

  • Chopsticks Set. S'Wonderful Gifts. 

  • Men's Toiletries. S'Wonderful Gifts.

  • Pro Healthy Teeth Kit. Fairmount Circle Dentistry.

  • Replacement Oral B Brush Head. Fairmount Circle Dentistry.  

  • Felt Mice. Heights Arts. 

  • Frosted Eggs. Still Point Gallery

  • Porcelain Hearts. Gleena Ceramics.

  • Aveda Travel Toiletries. Quintanta's Barber & Dream Spa. 

  • Locally-made Lip Balms. Cleveland Candle Co.

  • Bath Balms. Cleveland Candle Co. 

  • Pergamo Stickers. Mac's Backs. 

  • Animal Cards. Mac's Backs.

  • Blank Books. Mac's Backs.

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