Was the CRC process a democratic one?

To the Editor:

The Cleveland Heights Charter Review Commission (CRC) had a meeting on June 21. I believe it was at that meeting that the decision was made to keep our city manager form of government.

It was published in the Heights Observer that, at a meeting in April, 53 of the people who attended indicated that they were in favor of changing to an elected mayor, while 31 favored staying with our current city manager form of government.

In an online survey, the CRC found that 95 people favored changing to an elected mayor form of government, while 16 favored our current system.

It appears that the majority does not rule, as the CRC elected to keep the current form of government. What, then, was the point of having a CRC and asking the public for opinions?

Richard Hollis

Richard A. Hollis
Cleveland Heights

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Volume 11, Issue 9, Posted 2:35 PM, 09.03.2018