Charter Review Commission happy with status quo

To the Editor:

The Charter Review Commission endorsed the status quo, deciding at-large council/hired city manager government is just fine. What a missed opportunity to create badly needed change for a better future.

After months of interviews and input, there was little discussion before voting. The few who wanted an elected mayor and possible council changes had no chance of turning this Titanic in a bathtub; the majority apparently came into the process with minds made up.

Maybe they think everything is fine. Key questions before them were “what is the problem, and how will a change in government solve it?” Advocates for change answered both. Advocates for the status quo did not say how keeping government the same would make the city better.

The commission still can create change as it dives into details. They could revise council’s powers, the city manager’s role or how department heads get their jobs. Let’s hope they don’t settle for more status quo.

Michael Bennett

Michael E. Bennett
Cleveland Heights

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Volume 11, Issue 8, Posted 6:09 PM, 07.09.2018