University Heights City Council meeting highlights 5-7-2018

MAY 7, 2018

  • Public comments
  • City audit extension
  • Hiring continues
  • Office space rental
  • Pool opening
  • Memorial Day parade
  • Heritage home program
  • Rain barrel workshop
  • Fair housing commission
  • Planning commission meetings
  • Rental permits
  • Capital improvements
  • Community policing
  • Leaf and brush pickup
  • Firefighters contract
  • Service department contract
  • Executive session

Present were Mayor Michael Dylan Brennan, Vice Mayor Sue Pardee, and council members Pamela Cameron, John Rach, Steven Sims, Michele Weiss and Mark Wiseman. Councilman Philip Ertel was absent. Also present were Law Director Luke McConville, Finance Director William Sheehan, and Clerk of Council Kelly Thomas. The meeting was held from 7 to 8:50 p.m.

Public comments

Move to amend: An Ashurst Road resident asked why University Heights residents were denied the opportunity to put Move to Amend, which rejects the Supreme Court’s ruling that corporations are persons, on the ballot. Law Director McConville said the city has a charter provision that states that if council approves an initiative, it won’t go on the ballot.

City audit extension

University Heights has been granted an extension on the city audit. The city has until July 27 to reconstruct incomplete books from 2017.

Hiring continues

The city is accepting applications for an economic development director and a civic engagement coordinator.

Office space rental

The city has rented office space at 2245 Warrensville Heights Road to accommodate newly hired staff.

Pool opening

The pool at Purvis Park will open on Memorial Day weekend.

Memorial Day parade

This year’s parade will feature a flyover by the U.S. Air Force at 11 a.m. The city is also sponsoring a bike decorating station at Community Park at 9:30 a.m.

Heritage Home program

The Heritage Home program will hold an information session at City Hall on Thursday, May 17, at 8:30 p.m.

Rain barrel workshop

A rain barrel workshop will be held in the service department garage on Wednesday, May 23, at 6:30 p.m. Each rain barrel costs $60, but community members can listen for free. Registration is open until May 18.

Fair housing commission

Council appointed Patti Carlyle, Justin Seabury Gould, and Alison Hibbard to the city’s fair housing commission. Mayor Brennan said the commission’s primary responsibility will be to hear fair housing complaints.

Planning commission meetings

Council passed an ordinance on emergency that allows council to change planning commission meeting dates. The mayor said the date will not be changed more than once a year.

Rental permits

Council presented an ordinance amending the length of rental permits on first reading. Councilman Wiseman proposes doubling the cost of the rental permit and shortening the time frame of permits from two years to one year. The proposed fees will be $600 for a single-family home, $800 for a double, $600 for half of a double, and $200 for a qualifying third floor.

Capital improvements

Dump truck purchase: Council authorized the purchase of a five-ton dump truck through the Ohio Department of Transportation’s cooperative purchase program. The truck, which will be ready for the winter season, will cost the city $155,316.

Recycling contract: Council approved the one-year extension of a recycling contract with Kimble Transfer & Recycling.

Solid waste contract: Council approved the one-year extension of a solid waste service contract with BFI of Ohio. The city currently spends $120,000 to $130,000 per year on solid waste disposal.

Rubbish scooter: Council approved the purchase of a rubbish scooter. Service Director Jeff Pokorny is seeking bids for the new scooter, which will cost about $15,000.

Leaf vacuum: Council approved the purchase of a leaf vacuum trailer and two leaf boxes from Old Dominion Brush company for $38,605.

Trailer air compressor: Council approved the purchase of a $17,087 trailer air compressor, which will be used to repair the pavement around catch basins.

Road salt: Council approved a resolution, on emergency, to participate in the winter contract for road salt. The Ohio Department of Transportation contract will provide the city with 2,500 tons of salt.

Water line replacement: Council authorized a $1,294,434 contract for the 2018 Groveland and Washington water line replacement project. Project costs will be fully funded back through the City of Cleveland Water Department.

Community policing

Interim Police Chief Dustin Rogers reported that the police department has begun formalizing the office of community policing.

Leaf and brush pickup

Pokorny said that curbside leaf and brush pickup has been completed. Going forward, residents must place lawn debris in leaf bags and tie and bundle brush.

Firefighter contract

Council authorized the mayor to enter into contract wage agreements with the firefighter’s union on emergency.

Service department contract

Council authorized the mayor to enter into contract wage agreements with the service department’s union on emergency.

The next meeting will be Monday, May 22, at 7 p.m.

LWV Observer: Siobhan Leftwich.

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