Support 'one of our own' in county race

To the Editor:

I write this letter to ask my fellow Cuyahoga County District 10 residents to support Cheryl Stephens in her bid to be our Cuyahoga County Council representative. I believe Cheryl is the most qualified candidate for the job. Her record of accomplishments is unmatched and her dedication to our community is beyond reproach.

I have known Cheryl for over 30 years. When I first met her, we were members of the mayoral administration of George Voinovich. She was a dynamic and impassioned economic development officer. She was very knowledgeable about the city and what it would take to create lasting, sustainable businesses to grow our community. I could hardly believe she had only been in Cleveland a few years. Her love for our city was something I thought could only be found in a “home-towner.”

In the ensuing decades I have watched in admiration as Cheryl became director of planning and development for the city of Cleveland Heights; director of development for Cuyahoga County; executive director of Leadership Cleveland; a director for the National Development Council; director of acquisition disposition and development at the Cuyahoga Land Bank; and an elected member of Cleveland Heights City Council, eventually becoming mayor.

Cheryl has developed her expertise in the area of economic development financing and is one of only few people in the state of Ohio to hold specialized financing certification.

Cheryl is an inclusive person who truly believes in diversity. She counts people from many different cultures and backgrounds among her friends. She has been in their homes and they in hers. Cheryl has spent her career as a builder. Not just of physical structures but of relationships, networks and resources.

I have no doubt that as the Cuyahoga County Council representative for District 10, Cheryl would continue her distinguished record of service.

Paula Brazil

Paula B. Brazil
Cleveland Heights

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Volume 11, Issue 5, Posted 4:25 PM, 04.30.2018