Take the time to research candidates—and vote

To the Editor:

Hey Cleveland Heights neighbors, are you electorally aware of the candidates who have been and will be knocking at your doors? Have you read their campaign literature, noticed the signs bearing their names proliferating [on] lawns and [in] shop windows? Did you attend candidate forums?
The opening of our new high school, holidays, and calamitous world news may have relegated your awareness of and interest in our city's local elections to the back shelves of your daily lives, but it's time to begin thinking about the election scheduled for Nov. 7.
On that important day, we voters of Cleveland Heights again will have a voice in the future of our town when we elect members of city council and judge of our municipal court. Incumbents and newcomers are seeking our votes. They present varying degrees of the qualifications of leadership needed to help govern, and earnestly express their desire and determination to add their energies to the forward progress Cleveland Heights is making. I'm urging you to read up on them; pay attention to what they offer; attend forums; talk to your neighbors and urge them to do the same. AND VOTE.
I've done my homework; do yours. My choices are as follows: For Judge: James J. Costello; for City Council: Melissa Yasinow, Michael Ungar, Cheryl Stephens, and Jason Stein.

Russell Z. Baron

Russell Z. Baron
Cleveland Heights

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Volume 10, Issue 11, Posted 2:29 PM, 11.01.2017