Incumbents should run on their records

To the Editor:

As a resident of the Boulevard area, I noted the recent article by Diane Hallum, and specifically her remarks about the responsiveness (or lack thereof) of members of [Cleveland Heights City] Council. While her point is well taken, a related issue from my perspective is accountability.

In the case of incumbents, one might imagine they would focus less on their apparent vision, and speak to what they have actually accomplished during their tenures. As election day approaches we will hopefully hear more from the candidates in this regard. However, let it suffice to say that at present, the picture is less than impressive.

On a different level, it is curious that certain members of council are publicly supporting various colleagues in their bids for re-election. From the same standpoint of past accomplishments, it is unclear why they feel these incumbents are deserving of support from the residents of Cleveland Heights.

It is worth noting that as a government employee myself, I would be immediately fired under the Hatch Act for using my position to publicly support a candidate for elected office.

Paul S. Greenberg

Paul S. Greenberg
Cleveland Heights

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Volume 10, Issue 11, Posted 2:31 PM, 11.01.2017