James Costello candidate for Cleveland Heights Municipal Court Judge

James Costello


Cleveland Heights   Age: 38

Email: costello4judge@gmail.com

Website: www.costello4judge.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Costello4Judge


Education: Juris Doctor from Case Western Reserve University

Occupation: Attorney and Acting Judge

Affiliations: Former member of the Cleveland Heights Cable Television Commission; Recreation Advisory Board; Civil Service Commission


1. Judicial experience: I am a current acting judge in the Cleveland Heights Municipal Court, appointed 2 years ago by our retiring Judge A. Dean Buchanan. I sit on the bench as judge in the criminal, civil, and housing dockets, deciding cases, conducting pretrials, determining appropriate protection orders, setting bail, and sentencing those found guilty.

2. Unique qualifications: After graduating from Case Western University School of Law, I opened my practice here in Cleveland Heights, representing indigent defendants in our Court. In my 12 years as a practicing attorney, I have handled a vast array of every type of case that gets heard in our Municipal Court, including traffic and criminal cases, civil and small claims cases, evictions, and housing code violation cases. Hardly a working day goes by that I am not in some municipal court advocating on behalf of my clients. If I am elected Judge, I will bring that extensive courtroom experience to the bench.

3. Why running: I am dedicated to Cleveland Heights. I was raised here. I delivered the Sun Press, bagged groceries at Russo’s, and sold cars at Motorcars. Growing up here helped shape who I am. My wife, Alicia, and I have chosen to make this our home and raise our two sons in this diverse and creative community. I am engaged in our community. I served on the Cleveland Heights Recreation Advisory Board and the Cleveland Heights Civil Service Commission. I am a graduate of the Cleveland Heights Citizens Police Academy, which improved my understanding of our Police Department and its operations. The outcome of this race will have a serious and lasting effect on Cleveland Heights. If I am elected judge, I will work hard every day both on the bench, in one of the busiest single judge courts in the area, as well as off the bench, being visible and engaged in the community, and I will be the public servant that Cleveland Heights needs and deserves.

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