CTDA supports FutureHeights as CDC

To the Editor:

As president of the Cedar Taylor Development Association Board of Directors, I want to offer my full support for recognizing FutureHeights as the official Community Development Corporation (CDC) of Cleveland Heights. 

All of the strong neighborhoods of the city of Cleveland have CDCs, and as an inner-ring suburb, we share similar issues with our neighbor to the west (deteriorating housing stock, exurban flight, challenging business climate, etc.).

The city of Cleveland Heights has a wonderful, dedicated staff working to better our community, but it often isn’t enough. It’s no secret that budgetary constraints are straining our cities. It is more imperative than ever to have CDCs fill gaps that our city is unable to fill. SIDs [Special Improvement Districts] and merchant groups are a great way to work to better particular neighborhoods, but having a CDC, focused on the entire community, is necessary.

I have seen firsthand the many positive things FutureHeights has done over the years to the benefit of our community. It has been a great partner to our organization in providing resources for projects, connecting us with other similar organizations to share best practices, and other communitywide efforts, such as publishing the community newspaper and hosting forums and dialogues that concern our citizens. 

The city of Cleveland Heights has been a great partner to our organization, and we cannot say enough positive things about its staff.

We share similar thoughts about FutureHeights and its staff and board, who are all dedicated to what is best for our community. Recognizing FutureHeights as a CDC will strengthen our partnership with them and their partnership with the overall community.

Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith
President, Cedar Taylor Development Association

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Volume 10, Issue 7, Posted 12:49 PM, 06.29.2017