HRRC plans enhanced services and classes for 2017

For nearly 46 years, Home Repair Resource Center (HRRC) has provided residents with the tools—literally and metaphorically—to improve their houses themselves. As one of the country’s few home-repair nonprofits, HRRC continuously seeks to enhance its services.

In 2017, HRRC aims to increase its home-repair class sizes, diversify its course offerings, and expand the number of communities it serves.

A new six-week sequence dealing with home exteriors and landscaping—part of HRRC’s Women’s Home How-To series—will fulfill requests from many class participants for an examination of yards and spaces outside of the home. After all—this is what people first see when looking at a house.

HRRC will also offer new classes on painting, with the help of experts at Sherwin-Williams.

At the end of January, HRRC’s popular Tool Library program will return.

Thanks to the generosity of Becky Stager, the former HRRC education coordinator who died recently, HRRC will be able to enhance its teaching workshops, to further improve the number and types of class offerings it can provide.

As always, the cost of taking an HRRC class is low, and discounts are available based on residency and income, making the classes available to people of all socioeconomic backgrounds.

Participants frequently mention the long-term financial savings and know-how they gain from HRRC classes, which empower them to take on tasks that once seemed insurmountable.

HRRC has become the template for organizations nationwide that are seeking to replicate its success. In just the last few weeks, HRRC has fielded calls from as far away as Tallahassee, Fla., from people who are looking for advice on how to start a program like the one right here in Cleveland Heights.

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David Brock

David Brock is the new education coordinator for HRRC, a former college history professor, and a west-sider who is quickly becoming enamored with the East Side.

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Volume 10, Issue 1, Posted 11:45 AM, 01.03.2017