Vote 'yes' to invest in our community

To the Editor,

By now, readers are likely to be aware of these basic facts about the Cleveland Heights-University Heights school budget and levy: The requested tax increase is the smallest ask in about 30 years; our district has lost about 33 percent of its state funding due to EdChoice and charter school programs, and this loss has been increasing every year; once inflation is taken into account, teachers are working for less pay than they did five years ago; the district has not gone this long without a levy passing for at least 20 years; the district cut more than 50 teaching positions this spring.

Readers also probably know about our district's exemplary technical education program, and [that] our district provides pre-kindergarten education in an effort to close the achievement gap that occurs when [some] children don't have the same advantages as others. Readers surely are aware that our music program has received honors and recognition at state and national levels.

Readers might not be aware of Ohio House Bill 920, passed in 1976. The result of this law is that the only thing keeping property tax revenue (not rates, but actual dollar amounts) for our schools from being exactly what it was 40 years ago is the passage of levies.

While operating on a tight budget, our school district provides wonderful and necessary opportunities for our children. Many of these programs will be cut without the passage of Issue 109. Please invest in our community and vote YES for Issue 109 on Nov. 8!

Marcia Denton

Marcie Denton
Cleveland Heights

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Volume 9, Issue 11, Posted 12:32 PM, 11.01.2016