Taking ownership of what schools don't do well enough

To the Editor:

I was at a joint meeting of University Heights City Council and the CH-UH school board on Sept. 14. Superintendent Dixon said at the meeting (paraphrased):

  1. Our district's administration owns up to the reality that too many of our students are not achieving to a level essential for their future life success.
  2. Teaching for mastery in each subject is the way for us to change that, no matter what state tests look like.

I have seen no school leader openly state this strategic awareness in my 30-plus years of watching our district. I can only take my hat off to such clarity.

Even with that top-level view, Dr. Dixon knows that every moment of activity in the classroom is where the rubber meets the road. It will not be easy to accomplish mastery.

I wish the elected school board had this same level of open frankness and self-evaluation (clarity) around the facilities project. They are where that buck has stopped for this project.

A retired Heights High teacher introduced an out-of-the-box idea that could help implement high standards starting in kindergarten, if we have the courage and the will. You can follow a Facebook conversation on this at: www.facebook.com/allen.wilkinson.90/posts/537073273170229?comment_id=537495916461298&notif_t=feed_comment&notif_id=1474918924074828.

Allen Wilkinson

Allen Wilkinson
Cleveland Heights

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Volume 9, Issue 11, Posted 1:09 PM, 11.01.2016