Ride a bicycle this summer

 A folding bicycle.

For most people, summer is the most appealing time of year for bicycling. This summer, more people than ever are riding their bicycles around the Heights.

Many people ride for recreation, or maybe to run short errands around town. But summer is a great time to try going longer distances or commuting by bicycle.

For longer distances, you can go the whole way by bicycle, or combine public transit with bicycling. The best transit route may become much more convenient if you ride your bicycle to the nearest stop, load your bicycle onto the bike rack installed on all RTA buses, then unload and ride your bicycle from the stop nearest your ultimate destination.

You can also take your bike onto RTA rapid transit trains or the Healthline. Note, however, that tandems, recumbents, mopeds or tricycles are not allowed; most other bicycles fit the bike racks or are allowed on trains or the Healthline.

Folding bicycles, as shown in the photo[s], are popular with people who want a convenient and portable way to keep their bicycles with them, including taking them into upper-floor apartments or workplaces. Folding bikes weigh approximately 20–30 pounds and can go on transit, too. Both Cain Park Bicycles and Cycle Sport in Cleveland Heights carry folding bicycles, for those who want to take a look.

RTA offers brochures with complete directions, or you can check Rack-n-Roll on the RTA website for directions for getting around with your bike and RTA:  www.riderta.com/racknroll.

Watch for bicycling to become even more popular as options for using a bike become ever more convenient. Enjoy the ride!

Heights Bicycle Coalition

Heights Bicycle Coalition is a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to educating and encouraging Heights community members to use bicycles as a sustainable and healthy form of transportation and recreation.

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