Local dancers to attend American Ballet Theatre program in NYC

Spencer Waldeck and Grace Pindel, both of Cleveland Heights, are among several students from City Ballet of Cleveland who will attend the American Ballet Theatre’s (ABT) “summer intensive” workshop this year.

Both Waldeck and Pindel will attend the program in New York City—one of several locations where it’s offered. The prestigious program “focuses on developing well-rounded dancers by exposure to a wide variety of disciplines with an emphasis on classical ballet technique and key elements of ABT’s National Training Curriculum,” according to ABT's website.

This will be the third time attending this program for Waldeck, a sophomore at Beaumont School. Pindel attends Roxboro Middle School, and this will be her first such experience.

The City Ballet of Cleveland Dance Company, formerly known as Cleveland City Dance Company, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to returning classical ballet to Northeast Ohio. Now in its fourth year, it operates a dance studio at Shaker Square under Courtney Laves-Mearini, the company’s artistic and executive director.

Bob Rosenbaum

Cleveland Heights resident Bob Rosenbaum is co-chair of the Heights Observer Advisory Committee, and is responsible for its advertising sales and market development.

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Volume 9, Issue 4, Posted 8:21 AM, 03.28.2016