CH City Council Candidate: Tas Nadas

Tas Nadas


2177 S. Overlook Rd. 44106   Age: 29    E-mail: WEB:  Blog: Twitter: @tjnadas Facebook:  

BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION: Education: Master of Business Administration – University of Phoenix - 2011Bachelor of Arts in English and Philosophy – Case Western Reserve University - 2006Associates of General Studies – Wilbur Wright College - 2004

Occupation:  Senior Project Manager – Cleveland Clinic

Qualifications:  M.B.A., 11 years of experience at Cleveland Clinic, 6 Sigma Green Belt

Community: Scout Master BSA troop 414, Volunteer Dance Instructor Hungarian Folk Ensemble, Various Health Fairs & 5ks  


1. Most important:  City government must stop being a barrier for people to live/open businesses/improve property within the city. From penalizing people who live here and work somewhere else through dual taxation, to not maintaining the core foundational infrastructure, to finally allowing a system of ordinances and permitting to exist which is so  convoluted that all it does is cause need for more bureaucracy and red tape rather than allowing the residents/business to do what is right for the city; I would work with each of these services eliminate waste and redundancy.  

2. Privatizing: The water department should absolutely not be privatized. Other services however may have opportunity, such as waste collection, assuming the contracting is completed to protect the rights and needs of the citizens. However before privatization should be explored as an option for any city services, we should first look towards regionalization and partnering with our neighboring cities to see if we can find efficiencies and share best practices. The more of our city services can be accountable to the voters the better.  

3. Funding: The tax increase will only have the effect of driving revenue (residents/business) out of the city, not increasing revenue. The best way to increase revenue is to go back to the basics of providing a strong infrastructure which would entice residents and businesses alike to move into Cleveland Heights. Aside from fixing existing infrastructure issues, we should also focus on building out the newest utility of a fast, reliable, fiber optic broadband system. This would provide opportunity for economic development as well as revenue for the city as a new utility. Driving towards the future is necessary to thrive.  

4. Development: We need to focus first and foremost on the infrastructure of the city. Residents and businesses alike have a need for a stable environment to ensure a promise of longevity within their community. One of the core pieces of infrastructure the city needs to invest in is a municipally operated fiber optic broadband internet allowing the business/residents to have a presence in the global community. I support the use of tax abatements and use of city-owned land if the business are vetted and can ensure a long term commitment to the city.  

5. Why you?I have 11 years of professional experience focused on analytics, process improvement, identifying opportunities for efficiency/cutting costs, and change management. I recognize the need for constant communication and updates to everyone for whom and with whom I work (customers and colleagues). I have strong relationship building skills and will never underestimate the need to focus on the human element in any system or interaction. I want to serve on City Council because I ssee opportunities for improvement in a number of areas and I know I have the skills to drive effective and positive change.


Tas Nadas

The material contained in this publication was assembled in the following manner: Questions were selected by members of the League of Women Voters Cuyahoga County - CH-UH Chapter and addressed to the candidates. Word limits were placed on candidates responses. Candidates were informed that their responses would be printed in their own words, which has in fact been done, and that each would be solely responsible for the contents of the replies. For publication, the order of presentation of the candidates is alphabetical with the first candidate chosen by lot and succeeding candidates in continuing alphabetical order.

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Volume 8, Issue 10, Posted 9:18 AM, 10.01.2015