CH City Council Candidate: Carol Ann Roe

Carol Ann Roe

CAROL ANN ROE 943 Beverly Road  CH  44121:    Age:  66




Education: BSN, MSN, JD

Occupation: Regulatory Compliance/Risk Management.

Qualifications: Academic preparation in law and admininistration; budget and personnel management; governing boards of church, professional organizations; knowledge of legislative process and state government. 

Community: Cleveland Heights Citizen Advisory Committee - Member; Noble Neighbors - Member; Church of the Covenant - governing body, Chair - Adult Education/Black History; Ohio Nurses Democratic Caucus - Chairperson; Ohio Nurses - Member, Reference and Bylaws Committees; Greater Cleveland Nurses Association, Member - Nominating Committee.


1. Most important :  We must maintain the safety of the city through assuring adequate police and fire protection.  
I am committed to a philosophy of enhanced community policing with a strong, well equipped
police force.  I would advocate for adequate funding for both the police and fire departments. 
I would also continue to support the “Meet the Police” concept as well as other efforts to build
strong neighborhoods which also assume some responsibility for maintenance of a culture of
safety.  Such efforts also require funding the staff that meet with community groups and
assist in developing leaders in the local neighborhoods.

2. Privatizing: In general, I oppose privatizing city services but am open to listen to
those who present a compelling case for privatization.   My opposition is
based upon the city not being able to assure accountability for the quality
of the service being provided.

3. Funding:  In my review of the city’s efforts with the budget deficit the last several years, it seems that
the 0.25% is the only recourse at this time.  The diminishing revenues from cuts to the
state’s budget have had a major impact.  The city has decreased some positions and
examined the issue at length.  We should try to attract new business such as high tech,
entrepreneurial, and creative enterprises.  Closer collaboration with University Circle in
supporting the arts and cultural community to spur economic development should be
explored.  The proximity to prestigious health care organizations may also provide
additional  opportunities.

4. Development: City Council should develop a set of guiding principles to be used in making
decisions about tax abatements andthe use of city-owned land.     We should
also recruit an Economic Development Director who values the input of the
various neighborhoods to identify what businesses would be viable in a
particular neighborhood.    Enhanced collaboration with University Circle in
both marketing homes in Cleveland Heights and identifying potential business
opportunities should be pursued.  We also need to explore new ways to allow
seniors to age in place and continue to live in our city.  

5. Why you?:   I believe passionately in the power of the democratic process to enact
significant social change for the betterment of all citizens.  The city’s
values regarding inclusiveness, citizen involvement, and social justice are
my own personal values.  I have a history of organizing individuals to take
action and following through on commitments.    My background as a
nurse has taught me to importance of listening to not only what is being
said bbut also what is not being said.  My preparation as a lawyer has
instilled in me the importance of looking atall aspects of an issue.

Carol Ann Roe

The material contained in this publication was assembled in the following manner: Questions were selected by members of the League of Women Voters Cuyahoga County - CH-UH Chapter and addressed to the candidates. Word limits were placed on candidates responses. Candidates were informed that their responses would be printed in their own words, which has in fact been done, and that each would be solely responsible for the contents of the replies. For publication, the order of presentation of the candidates is alphabetical with the first candidate chosen by lot and succeeding candidates in continuing alphabetical order.

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Volume 8, Issue 10, Posted 9:20 AM, 10.01.2015