The Nutt House and Carriage House

The Nutt House, in an undated photo. [courtesy Communion of Saints Parish]

The Joseph R. and Elizabeth Nutt House and Carriage House, which later became St. Ann Convent, was landmarked in 2003. This massive English manor, located at 2285 Coventry Road, was built in 1910 for Joseph R. Nutt, vice president and director of Citizens Savings and Trust Company, and a vice president of the Union Trust Company.

Local architect Harlan E. Shimmin designed the house. Shimmin was a prolific residential architect who designed many structures that have been landmarked throughout Cleveland Heights and Shaker Heights.

This particular residence features massive blocks of sandstone with a red tile roof. The center of the home boasts a dramatic castellated parapet and Gothic-arched windows. The entrance to the home is in proportion to the rest of the house, with an oversized ornate door and expansive stone porch. The house rightly earned its nickname, Cleveland Castle.

The Nutt family owned the home until 1948, when it became a convent for Ursuline nuns serving St. Ann Parish. The nuns cared for the home until 1983, when it was sold as a private residence. The home has remained a private residence since, intact and cared for by its owners over the years.

Margaret Loan

Margaret Laan is a member of the Cleveland Heights Landmark Commission, which preserves and protects buildings, works of art and other objects of historical or architectural value to the community. The seven members are appointed to three-year terms by City Council.

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