CH-UH BOE Candidate: James Posch

James Posch

2205 Demington Dr.  CH 44106  Age: 54


Web site:

Children:2     Schools: Both attended Heights. My youngest (Michelle) will be a Senior at Cleveland Heights High School.


Education:  Hawken School, Rochester Institute of Technology (attended)
Occupation:  Senior Business Executive, Technology Entrepreneur
Qualifications: Led the CH-UH Library Board during unprecedented State budget cuts while maintaining services, growing utilization and earning the distinction as one of the top 5% libraries in the nation. Grew numerous technology startups into large businesses as their CEO.

Community: CH-UH Public Library Board (President), CH-UH Lay Facilities Committee, CH-UH Lay Finance Committee, Council of PTAs co-President.


1. Most Important things: We need a revised focus on excellence. To achieve excellence we need to make our expectations clear to staff, students, parents and guardians. We need to set real measurements to evaluate our performance with reports out to the community. Excellence and accountability, will allow us earn the community’s respect. The Board sets policy which influences an organization’s culture. We need to balance competing priorities against available resources. We need to work together, as allactions require a majority vote. I was able to accomplish this as the Library Board President; I can do the same on the School Board.

2. State report card: The rankings are inaccurate and unfair. We should all be outraged because the labels are misunderstood and hurt our community. I see firsthand, my children in our district are getting an excellent education when compared to their peers in other types of schools. I support the need for our district to be accountable, and as a matter of best practice, compared to similar schools. The Staterankings don’t accurately do this.

3. School funding: The funding formula is unconstitutional and districts are forced to rely heavily on property taxes. State leaders have the power to fix this; but don’t have the political will to do so. We get a guaranteed amount from the State; but they continue to increase unfunded mandates that drive up our costs. They also take money away from us (at a disproportional higher amount per student) to fund Charter Schools and Vouchers. The for-profit Charter School lobby is well funded and powerful. Public boards of education need to make it a higher priority to organize and address this problem fairly.

4. Heights High improvement : Let’s be realistic, I’m unsure we’ll see ‘significant’ educational improvements with a reconstructed High School but opportunities for achievement will
increase. There’ll be fewer distractions which could increase success, such as elimination of the hot +110 degree classrooms (or classrooms without heat!). I see firsthand, it’s very difficult to learn in that kind of setting. A reconstructed High School will be more efficient to operate from personnel and other budget perspectives. It’ll be a safer and more sustainable. It’ll also
make the district more competitive among other schools. I’m hopeful it’ll be a source of community pride and increase achievement.


League of Women Voters

The material contained in this publication was assembled in the following manner: Questions were selected by members of the League of Women Voters Cuyahoga County - CH-UH Chapter and addressed to the candidates. Word limits were placed on candidates responses. Candidates were informed that their responses would be printed in their own words, which has in fact been done, and that each would be solely responsible for the contents of the replies. For publication, the order of presentation of the candidates is alphabetical with the first candidate chosen by lot and succeeding candidates in continuing alphabetical order.

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Volume 8, Issue 10, Posted 2:44 PM, 09.30.2015