Heights welcomes new basketball coach with BBQ fundraiser

Jeremy Holmes, new head coach of CH-UH boys varsity basketball.

The Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District will welcome Jeremy Holmes, new head coach of Cleveland Heights boys varsity basketball, at a BBQ fundraiser on Saturday, Aug. 1. While the Heights basketball program has always been strong, the district is especially excited to begin a new era with Holmes, who is a former Heights student and star player.

Holmes has long been involved in youth basketball. He has worked closely with the Heights Basketball Academy over the years and in close cooperation with the program’s executive director, Damon Stringer, another former Heights student and star player.

Stringer has been working with kids in the Heights over the last few years, putting in countless hours to provide group and individual training programs, resources, tournaments, mentoring and coaching to hundreds of kids—many of whom will be heading Holmes’ way on the courts. Stringer has been striving to develop these young adults, in the hope that they will reach their full potential, on and off the court. 

The district and Stringer will welcome Holmes at a summer BBQ and fundraiser on Aug. 1 from noon to 3 p.m., at the Cleveland Heights Community Center. Joining them will be Dwight Hollins, Heights High’s new supervisor of athletics. 

All of the event proceeds will be used to continue to grow the quality of Heights basketball.

Stephanie Kravitz

Stephanie Kravitz is director of basketball operations for Heights Basketball Academy.


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Volume 8, Issue 8, Posted 11:22 AM, 07.28.2015