New windows may not be the best choice

As temperatures plummet and heating bills start to rise, homeowners can be tempted by ads for replacement windows. Whether they promise dramatic reductions in heating costs, or new, low prices on products, window suppliers suggest that replacement windows will significantly reduce a home’s energy usage. That is simply not true.

While there are legitimate reasons to replace individual window units—for example, if a wooden frame is deteriorated beyond repair—investing in all-new windows is not best way to save on energy costs. There are many less expensive measures that will have a much greater impact on one’s monthly heating bill.

Home Repair Resource Center (HRRC), the Cleveland Heights nonprofit, has scheduled a presentation to help homeowners better understand their choices. “New Windows? Maybe Not….” will be held Tuesday, Oct. 28, 7–8:30 p.m. at HRRC, 2520 Noble Road in Cleveland Heights. Wesley Walker, HRRC staff member, will discuss when new windows are appropriate and when other measures will do a better job of keeping the cold air out, and heated air in.

The presentation is part of HRRC's HouseMender University series, and is free and open to residents of all communities. Reservations are requested; call 216-381-6100, ext. 16 or e-mail

Rebecca Stager

Becky Stager has been HRRC's home repair education coordinator since 1989. Visit or call 216-381-6100 for more information on programs and services.

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Volume 7, Issue 11, Posted 10:01 AM, 10.27.2014