Heights Youth Club going green in 2014

Cameron Steele, Kylia Washington, Taylor Scott and Kyle Washington are four of HYC"s Keystone Tigers. Photo by Roscoe Morgan.

Discarded plastic bottles, cans and litter on Washington Boulevard between Lee and Grosvenor roads will be harder to spot in 2014, thanks to an initiative planned by the Heights Youth Club (HYC).

The Keystone Tigers, an HYC teen service group, plans to go green and clear trash from the curbs and tree lawns along that stretch of road, weekly, bi-weekly, or as often as needed.

“We hope to start in January,” said Roscoe Morgan, HYC director. “First, the plan has to go before city council for a vote, because there is no adopt-a-street program currently in Cleveland Heights."

The teens are also making a conscientious effort to print less, and use e-mail more.

Morgan said the club is excited to have this opportunity and, if it gets the green light, looks forward to making it a success 

"This kind of work not only benefits our neighborhoods but our youth, their future and our future," said Morgan. 

The Heights Youth Club is a nonprofit organization serving Cleveland Heights youth. Donations to support its projects are welcome, and can be sent to Heights Youth Club, 2065 Lee Road, Cleveland Heights, 44118.

Louise Khayat

Louise Khayat is the administrator for the Heights Youth Club Board of Directors.

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Volume 7, Issue 1, Posted 1:35 PM, 01.02.2014