Old and new flooring options explored in Sept. 24 HRRC seminar

For those planning to update their home’s flooring, it can be a challenge to sort through the many materials now available. Not only do homeowners want an attractive and durable product, but finding a green option has become increasingly important.

Surprisingly, some flooring materials used in earlier eras have re-emerged as eco-friendly products.

For example, homeowners are rediscovering carpeting made from natural materials like wool, jute, sisal and cotton. Linoleum—not to be confused with sheet vinyl flooring—still manufactured from natural materials, is now available in modern colors and designs with a new, more durable sealer.

More recent eco-friendly options include flooring made from materials such as bamboo, cork, polished concrete and glass tile.

Home Repair Resource Center (HRRC) invites homeowners to learn about available flooring products on Tuesday, Sept. 24, at 7 p.m. at the HRRC Teaching Center, 2520 Noble Road. A representative from Calvetta Brothers Floor Show will discuss “Today’s Flooring Options: New & Sustainable,” with a special focus on new, eco-friendly materials.

 “Today’s Flooring Options: New & Sustainable” is free and open to residents of all communities, but reservations are requested.  For more information or to reserve a spot, call 216-381-6100, ext. 16.

Rebecca Stager

Becky Stager has been HRRC's home repair education coordinator since 1989. Visit www.hrrc-ch.org or call 216-381-6100 for more information on programs and services.

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Volume 6, Issue 10, Posted 12:34 PM, 09.13.2013