CH and UH move up in their recycling rankings

The 2012 edition of the annual Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District report on residential recycling rates shows a significant upward trend for both Cleveland Heights and University Heights.

The survey measures 59 communities in the county in terms of total tons of solid waste deposited in landfills, tons recycled of both recyclables and organics, and each community’s recycling rate for 2012 and 2011. The recycling rate is the percentage of the total residential waste created by the community that is not delivered to landfills.

Cleveland Heights’s combined recycling and landfill waste decreased by over 1,100 tons from 2011 to 2012, while total recycling volume increased by more than 2,500 tons, and landfill waste dropped 3,600 tons. As a result, the city’s recycling rate jumped from 59.98 percent in 2011 to 66.98 percent in 2012.

The city continued its progress in the overall ranking of the 59 communities, moving from 11th to 6th in highest recycling rate in 2011, and from 6th to 4th in 2012. Only three Cuyahoga County communities ranked higher than Cleveland Heights—Woodmere (overall rate: 72.44 percent), Pepper Pike (70.10 percent), and Bay Village (68.13 percent). Beachwood, ranked 5th, recycled 62.65 percent.

University Heights, meanwhile, improved from a 19.25 percent to a 35.74 percent recycling rate, reversing the 10.82 percent decline in recycling reported in 2011. The city moved from 48th to 32nd place in the ranking of 59 communities. While total waste increased 1,300 tons, landfill waste decreased 180 tons, and recycled waste more than doubled to 2,700 tons.

In University Heights, newspapers, plastics with identification numbers 1–7, metal cans, and glass bottles can be placed in clear or blue recycling bags by residents for once-weekly pickup by garbage service crews. Residents wanting to dispose of cardboard boxes or magazine-style paper are asked to deposit those recycling materials in the blue box car in the service department yard at 2300 Warrensville Center Road. Computers, digital accessories, batteries, tires, and all materials accepted on the normal collection day are also received at the service department.

Glass, metal cans, and plastics 1–7 are also accepted for recycling in blue or clear bags during normal pickup in Cleveland Heights, as are car batteries, old motor oil, and computers. Paper products and cardboard separated from blue bag recyclables and placed in a paper bag, a corrugated box or bundled with twine, will be picked up during normal collection for recycling. Residents wishing to recycle “technotrash,” such as cell phones and digital cameras, are asked to bring them to Cleveland Heights City Hall or the community center, while ink cartridges may be dropped off at city call or the service garage. Residents can recycle a computer monitor by leaving the monitor on their front porch and calling 216-691-7300 for pickup, or by delivering the monitor to the public works department at 14200 Superior Road.

Additional questions should be directed to the University Heights Service Department at 216-932-7800, or to the Cleveland Heights Service Department at 216-691-7300. Recycling information is on the websites for both cities. Cleveland Heights maintains a comprehensive guide for recycling procedures, recyclable and non-recyclable materials, and frequently asked questions under the “Recycling” tab on its website.

Alastair Pearson

Alastair Pearson, a Cleveland Heights resident, is a student at Saint Ignatius, where he edits the school newspaper and literary magazine. He is a summer intern at the Observer.

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