The Alcazar remembers Pat Pavlovitch

Pat Pavlovich tap dancing.

“Now that you know where I am, don’t be a stranger.”

With those words, Patricia Anne Pavlovitch ended her recorded comments that were played at her memorial service on Jan. 13 in The Alcazar’s dining room.

Irreverent? Probably. Pure Pat? Positively!

Last October, several months before she died, Pat recorded a message to be played at her own memorial. Rather than a service, she called it a party—a gift to her family and friends. Pat wanted to give a good time to the people who meant the most to her. That was Pat.

Several years ago, Pat Pavlovitch was honored by the City of Cleveland Heights for her and her husband’s efforts to racially integrate our city. They met with much resistance and many threats. So did their sons. But they persevered. She felt strongly that it was the right thing for her and her family to do. That was Pat. 

After she was diagnosed with cancer, Pat met with Sandra Martin, The Alcazar's general manager, to book her memorial service and party. She wanted it to be held where she had lived for eight years, after the death of her husband, Dan. Pat called living at The Alcazar "an extraordinary experience."

She felt embraced by a caring staff and community of residents. Her sons, Joey and David, said that The Alcazar contributed to their piece of mind. They knew their mother was happy, safe and among friends in her new home.

Pat planned every element of her party: who she wanted to speak, the pictures she wanted displayed and her favorite food group—chocolate—chocolate cookies, chocolate cupcakes, chocolate candies.

Her party brought together friends and family from all walks of life, from New York to Hollywood. It included remembrances from folks many of us had never met until that afternoon, including memories shared by television actor Ed Asner, her good friend. There were many tears, but so much laughter too. So many funny stories were shared, our sides were splitting. 

Pat not only died well, she lived well. She saw a funny side to just about everything. Her glass was always half-full. She definitely made lemonade out of lemons. She loved to dance, particularly tap. She tapped away into her 80s—most recently while sitting in a wheelchair.

An extraordinary woman. We sure miss her.

[A portion of Pat Pavlovitch's memorial service/party, including her obituary to herself, can be viewed on YouTube at http://YouTube/BajZYU5hrbM.]

Janet Hildebrandt

Janet Hildebrandt, The Alcazar's marketing and public relations manager, was a friend of Pat Pavlovitch.

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Volume 6, Issue 4, Posted 1:11 PM, 03.28.2013