Women homeowners benefit from gender-specific repair course

Cleveland Heights homeowner Linda Lopez works to construct a toolbox with other participants in HRRC's Home How-To course.

Dellwood Road homeowner Linda Lopez was excited when Home Repair Resource Center (HRRC) expanded eligibility for its women’s repair course. When she learned that any woman homeowner could participate in the Home How-To program, she decided to sign up. “I liked the idea of a women’s group,” she explained. “We don’t have to feel intimidated by people who are more knowledgeable or want to go at a faster pace.”

The course consists of four modules—Home Maintenance 101, Carpentry, Electrical, and Plumbing—each made up of eight two-hour classes. Although the modules do not need to be taken in sequence, Lopez started with the first and second modules and will soon complete her third. She plans to enroll in the fourth module, which begins on Nov. 7. According to Lopez, “The training is excellent, well-paced, clear, and a lot of fun. And, we have a great group of women who are always ready to help one another.” Most participants are residents of Cleveland Heights and nearby suburbs, but some come from more distant communities.

As a result of the course, Lopez said she feels more confident talking to contractors and service providers, and has a better understanding of what she wants them to do. Learning how to make repairs around her house was one of the reasons she took the course, and Lopez reports that she has tackled some things herself—projects that previously were out of her comfort zone.

For more information about HRRC’s Home How-To program, visit www.hrrc-ch.org, or call Becky Stager, program coordinator, at 216-381-6100, ext. 16.

Rebecca Stager

Becky Stager has been HRRC's education coordinator since 1989. Visit Home Repair Resource Center's website at www.hrrc-ch.org or call 381-6100 for more information about programs and services.

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Volume 5, Issue 11, Posted 12:33 PM, 10.31.2012