Get geared up for cycling

With gasoline prices near $4 a gallon, using a bicycle for transportation is more attractive than ever. In addition to the economic advantages, cycling is a great way to exercise while also doing errands or commuting to work.

In city traffic, cycling can be almost as fast as driving a car. The average new-to-cycling woman can ride one mile in 5-6 minutes, which means she can cover 10-12 miles in an hour. More experienced cyclists can ride at 15-18 mph.

For all cyclists, developing road riding skills is more important to safety and enjoyment than any piece of safety equipment. The Ohio City Bike Coop offers bicycling classes that teach the skills needed to operate a bike confidently on the road.

Bicyclists are required by Ohio law to follow most of the same laws as other vehicles, and they also have most of the same rights. It is important to ride predictably, use hand signals to communicate turns, and obey stop signs and red lights.

Motorists also have responsibilities while sharing the road with non-motorized riders. Ohio law requires cars to pass bicycles at “a safe distance.” The Ohio Bicycle Federation suggests that a safe distance is at least three feet.  

The Heights Bicycle Coalition encourages cycling as a sustainable and healthy form of transportaion and recreation. For more information or to get involved, visit our website,, or find us on Facebook. Another resource for local rides and cycling activities is Bike Cleveland,

Heights Bicycle Coalition

The Heights Bicycle Coalition was formed in the spring of 2010 and works to encourge citizens to ride bicycles for fun, fitness and transportation.

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