Be a good neighbor to a senior in need

The beginning of the New Year is a time when many of us resolve to make positive changes in our lives. This year, consider resolving to be a good neighbor to a senior adult in need. Is there a senior in your neighborhood who lives alone, or a senior couple who have trouble getting around? It is common for an older person to feel isolated and depressed, especially during the winter months when it is difficult for them to leave home.

There are many things we can do to reach out to our older neighbors. One of the most appreciated gifts is simply to spend time talking with them. Helping people feel special and cared about is one of the greatest gifts we can give.

Here are some ways to help seniors our local seniors:

  • Buy a Groupon and take a senior to dinner (They will love that you didn’t pay full price).
  • Take someone to a class at the Senior Activity Center.
  • Pick up groceries, or take someone to the store.
  • Make an extra serving of dinner once a week to deliver to a senior.
  • Help a senior cook a meal from a favorite family recipe—yours or theirs.
  • Take a senior to the library to check out a book or movie, or to attend a class or discussion.
  • Teach a senior to use the Internet or Skype.
  • Stop by for tea once a week; bring a new tea flavor each time.
  • Videotape a senior telling his or her life story and make copies the family.
  • Help a senior label family photos with names, dates and places.
  • Ask for a list of their favorite songs, then download them onto a CD.
  • Take a senior to a museum together (call ahead for a wheelchair, if necessary).
  • Take your child, grandchild, or pet to visit an older adult.
  • Take a senior to a movie, or rent one for home viewing, with popcorn.
  • Take someone to Coventry P.E.A.C.E. Park for Music and Movies night during the summer.
  • Picnic with a senior at Shaker Lakes or Lakeview Cemetery.
  • Take a senior on a nostalgic drive past the houses where he or she lived when they were younger.
  • Call a senior before bedtime to ensure that he or she is OK.

Best wishes to all of our readers for a wonderful New Year!

Judith Eugene

Judith Eugene, a native of Cleveland Heights, provides enrichment classes and activities for senior adults and those with physical and mental challenges. She can be reached at 216-408-5578 or

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Volume 5, Issue 1, Posted 10:04 AM, 12.20.2011