Are you ready for the challenge? One week carbon cleanse in October

The Sustainable Heights Network and the No Impact Project will host a one-week carbon cleanse Oct. 16-23. During No Impact Week, participants will have the chance to participate on their own or create a team of neighbors and friends to take on fun and interesting challenges and competitions , such as eating locally, lowering their energy use, and meeting more neighbors.

During the event, participants will ponder questions, such as:

  • How well can I live without modern “conveniences?”
  • Which expenses actually make me happy, and improve my family's quality of life? Which ones just eat away at my time and money?
  • What does my carbon footprint really look like?

The No Impact Project was conceived by Colin Beavan, following the success of his blog, book, and film, No Impact Man. He chronicled his family’s year-long experiment in zero-waste living in New York City, and created a weeklong experiment based on his experiences.

Now, Heights citizens are invited to participate as part of a community-wide, and global, experiment. The week is free, and open to all. Educators are encouraged to register their students.

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Sarah Wean

Sarah Wean will be signing up her Coventry neighbors for No Impact Week.

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Volume 4, Issue 9, Posted 2:36 PM, 08.23.2011