Letís talk trash: cleanup at Forest Hill Park is set for May 14

Spring is in the air and the snow has melted, leaving behind an abundance of litter on our tree lawns, roadways, and parks. As you see litter scattered around the city, do you wonder how it will be cleaned up, and by whom? The fact is that over 51 billion pieces of litter land on U.S. roadways each year. Litter costs all of us the money. Getting rid of litter costs the United States $11.5 billion dollars each year (see Keep America Beautiful Inc. at www.kab.org, January 2010).

In addition to being an eyesore, litter causes other issues. The environment suffers as a result of our carelessness and for failing to put our trash where it belongs—in the can. Cars contribute by blowing and pushing litter around streets, and the weather contributes by further moving it about. During severe rainfalls, litter is washed into storm sewers, ending up in our waterways, and eventually into Lake Erie—the source of our drinking water.

What can you do to alleviate this serious condition? Start by picking up litter when you see it, and dispose of it in a trash can. Every little bit helps the fight against pollution of our environment.

There’s something else you can do. Volunteer to assist in cleaning up Forest Hill Park and its surroundings on May 14 at 10 a.m. Save the date and do your part. Supplies will be provided; all that’s needed are volunteers.

Meet at Forest Hill Park Boathouse at 10:00a.m. For further information, contact Domenica McClintock by phone at 216-201-2001 x 1223, or by e-mail at dmcclintock@ccbh.net.

The cleanup of Forest Hill Park is made possible through a grant awarded to the Cuyahoga County Board of Health from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Recycling and Litter Prevention.

Domenica McClintock

Domenica McClintock is a program manager for the Cuyahoga County Board of Health.

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Volume 4, Issue 6, Posted 3:33 PM, 05.05.2011