Mighty Males Pursue Excellence

Mighty Males Jonathan Jackson and Miles Hawkins flank former NBA player Brad Sellers after Sellers spoke to the Mighty Males of Monticello about earning respect by working hard.

Teens seldom treasure neckties, but the Mighty Males of Monticello are an exception. Each new member receives a simple black tie with the golden M3 at an induction pinning ceremony. This year, one third of the male students at Monticello Middle School are proud members of this organization, started in 2003, to encourage excellence in academics, civility, and service.  

“We want all of our male students to apply and participate,” said Brian Williams, Assistant Principal and one of the Mighty Males’ advisors. Strong academics are an essential prerequisite to attending events.  New members are eligible to apply each quarter if they are earning A’s and B’s in all classes. “Once a Mighty Male, always a Mighty Male, but students whose grades drop below our minimum cannot take part in our next quarter’s activities,” Williams explained. “When grades come out we have students rushing up to us excited to say ‘I’m active again!’” said Mr. Nobles, health teacher and advisor of Mighty Males.

In December, Mr. Brad Sellers, retired NBA player who graduated from Warrensville Heights High and Ohio State University, spoke to the Mighty Males about the importance of their education and the respect that one receives when they give their best effort.

The Mighty Males will mentor fifth graders at Noble, Oxford and Boulevard elementary schools once a month in February, March, April and May. This service project has a dual purpose: to boost achievement among the fifth graders, and to encourage them to join Mighty Males when they attend Monticello next year. "I enjoy being a Mighty Male because I am respected by my friends and teachers. I also understand that I am a leader and that much is expected of me," said Jamarius Davis, Monticello eighth grader.

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Volume 4, Issue 3, Posted 9:57 AM, 03.01.2011