From the Reaching Heights Assistant Executive Director

Reaching Heights connects the community to our schools. It’s fun to attend sold-out performances like “Beauty and the Beast” at Cleveland Heights High School or other award-winning sporting or music events. This newsletter highlights work going on in our classrooms that’s just as engaging.

There’s much to share. Major changes are transforming how teachers collaborate and use data to drive instruction and meet students where they are. We share articles that focus on the work of five elementary teachers who have become Science Specialists to help elementary teachers augment the depth and scope of science education. Five recent Heights High graduates, now collegians, share memories and advice. You can read more about each school in our neighborhood newsletters and at

Reaching Heights is an independent citizen organization that has worked for 21 years to support excellence in our public schools, work that’s only possible thanks to our volunteer trustees, a part-time staff of three, many dedicated volunteers, and a large group of donors. We work to keep the community involved in public education with our Many Villages Tutoring Program, the annual Adult Community Spelling Bee, Community Connection Grants, and music events, including this year’s Reaching Musical Heights on April 11 at Severance Hall! We work to improve student achievement through our School Team Grants, and increasing access to the highest levels of music education through our Heights Summer Music Camp and the Patti-Jackson Music Lesson Scholarships.

Thanks to the principals, teachers and students who welcomed Florence D’Emilia, freelance writer and parent, and me into their classrooms, to Joy Henderson of Heights High for her contribution, and to Temma Collins and Ruth D'Emilia for layout and production. We’re energized and optimistic about the rich learning environments in each classroom, thoughtful teaching methods at all levels, and the individual attention given to every child.

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Volume 4, Issue 3, Posted 9:36 AM, 03.01.2011