Engineering Students Visit Lab

Alex Fiala, Morgan Clement and David Schellenberg visited MAGNET, a business incubator and consulting firm as part of their Engineering Technology course.

Three Heights High seniors in the Engineering Technology course visited MAGNET, a business incubator and consulting firm. Alex Fiala, Morgan Clement and David Schellenberg were paired with engineering groups that work in their specific interest area.

Alex and David were in the software and mechanical engineering group writing software and experimenting with a computer program. This computer program generated a model which was then used to make a prototype plastic tool. “The engineers designed the piece and I inputted the data and the 3D printer made the tool,” said Alex.

They also saw designs for machines that make desert goggles, lawn chairs, and water slides, as well as machines that make protective plating for military tanks. “Engineers are problem solvers,” said David. “We got to see the process and the end result.”

Morgan is interested in industrial design. She talked to engineers who were designing a multi use tool, using a tablet drawing monitor. “It was interesting to see the creative side of engineering in industry.”

All three echoed a similar sentiment about the class. “Our class is hands on; we see theory in action,” said David. “In physics we learn about circuits but here we build circuits.”

Last year, the students placed second in a cardboard canoe race and are designing a new boat for this year’s competition. “We figure that if we can build a cardboard canoe that holds two people and nearly wins first place, we can do anything,” said David.

Next year these students will attend college – Alex and David have applied to several top engineering schools and Morgan will attend an art institute.

Engineering Technology instructor Yvonne Schiffer worked for 20 years in Product Development and Powertrain Engineering at Ford Motor Company. “There are many aspects to engineering and in this class students get exposure to several areas and can focus on their interests.” she said. Students can also earn 12 college credits.

Next year, Mrs. Schiffer will teach a new Intro to Engineering Tech class for 9th and 10th grade students. 

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Volume 4, Issue 3, Posted 9:34 AM, 03.01.2011