Teacher receives conservation award

Janett Korb Photo by Jake Stern

Cleveland Heights science teacher Janett Korb was awarded the Conservation Teacher of the Year Award early this school year from the Museum of Natural History. She received the award for her and her class’ work in water testing last spring. 

The Environmental Protection Agency awarded the city of Cleveland Heights a grant to build an environmentally friendly parking lot in Cumberland Park. The parking lot would prevent pollutants from running off into Dugway Brook, located near the park. Before construction, CHHS was asked to test the water. Ms. Korb eagerly led her honors biology students, along with Special Ed. students, in testing the quality of the water. 

Although the tests showed that the water was far from satisfactory, there is an upside. The results create a starting point for the quality testing. Ms. Korb hopes to perform more tests once the construction of the the parking lot is finished to see the long term effects of the pollution. The water testing generates valuable data on building more environmentally sustainable infrastructure, but more importantly, it is a fun and engaging learning opportunity for students.

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Volume 3, Issue 11, Posted 6:07 PM, 10.30.2010