Vote for Cuyahoga County's future on Nov. 2

Last November citizens of Cuyahoga County voted for a new county charter government that would replace the board of three county commissioners with a county executive and 11-member county council. In this year’s important Nov. 2 election, citizens will elect these new officials.

FutureHeights, the nonprofit that publishes the Heights Observer, has compiled a Voter’s Guide to provide readers with answers to key questions. FutureHeights contacted the candidates for county executive and county council districts 10 and 11 with questions developed by our fellow Observer newspapers. To be as fair as possible, all candidates were allotted the same word count for their responses. Photos are courtesy of the candidates.

Cuyahoga County Executive Candidates:

Matt Dolan, Republican,

Edward Fizgerald, Democrat,

Ken Lanci, Independent,

David Ellison, Green Party,

Tim McCormack, Independent,

Don Scipione, Independent,

Cuyahoga County Council Candidates-District 10:

Matt Brakey, Republican,

Julian Rogers, Democrat,

Michael Troy Watson, Independent

Cuyahoga County Council Candidates -District 11:

Rich Devor, Independent,

Kathryn Gambatese, Republican,

Sunny Simon, Democrat,

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Volume 3, Issue 10, Posted 3:00 PM, 09.29.2010