David Ellison candidate for County Executive, Green Party

If elected County Executive, what goals would top the list of things that you’d hope to accomplish during your term in office? 

1.  An energy upgrade on all county-owned buildings to make them more energy efficient with procedures for evaluation 

2.  A county-wide land use and management plan that successfully engages all the municipalities 

3.  A Laborers and Artisan Corps of suburban and inner city youth, 16-60 resulting in tangible, ecologically sensitive capital improvements to our built environment 

4.  A state chartered Bank of Cuyahoga County, dedicated to investing in the county, prohibited from selling mortgages, trading in derivatives and committing usury.

What approach would you take to working with the new County Council to keep lines of communication open in order to achieve consensus on major county wide objectives?

The door to my office will always be open to any Council member who wants to come talk to me.   The Executive is not included in the Council's proceedings.  The Council can  ratify the Executive's decisions, appointments and recommendations, or it can try to fight the Executive's decisions.   My approach will be to do the job the Charter sets out for the Executive in a way that includes the Council's recommendations when appropriate.  I will present my executive decisions to the Council in a way that is clearly justified and understandable.

How will Cuyahoga County voters know if the new government structure is working as envisioned?

I envision the new structure being conducive to collaborative problem solving.  I want the wisdom of each of the council members and appointees and interested citizens to contribute to the decision-making process of the new government.  The new structure will work when it balances its budgets, provides necessary and expected services and regains the confidence of the public.  The ultimate success of the new government structure will be measured in how it fulfills the stated goals of prosperity for all county residents.

Do you believe the new structure has the potential to spark economic growth and job creation in Northeast Ohio?

It's possible if we stop sending our money away and utilize strategies for keeping more of our money circulating in the local economy.  We need to build our capabilities for self-reliance.  We need to utilize the land, buildings, natural resources and human resources of Cuyahoga County for the benefit of Cuyahoga County and its residents.  We need to find ways for people to gain more financial independence.

Do you see a need for further “tinkering” with the County Charter to improve prospects for  successful transition?

I'd like to see the council chosen at large in a system of preferential or "Instant runoff voting, where even if your first choice didn't win a seat, your second choice might.  Candidates would be elected if they received a "modicum of support".

To learn more about this candidate visite www.electdavidellison.com

Questions developed by John Sheridan, courtesy of the Euclid Observer.

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Volume 3, Issue 10, Posted 6:53 PM, 09.29.2010