Sunny Simon Candidate for Cuyahoga County Council-District 11, Democrat

1) Describe the duties of the members of the County Council.

The County Council is the legislative branch of the new County  government which will provide the checks and balances needed to oversee the County Executive.

The duties of the Council include, but are not limited to, adopting  and amending the County' s annual budget, confirming executive appointments, establishing an ethics policy and  crafting rules and procedures for board appointments. The Council also has a duty to create a program to facilitate education and job training opportunities for individuals in the County. Council has been empowered to enact ordinances and resolutions to stimulate economic development.

2) Why do you want to serve on the County Council?

I have a passion for revitalizing inner ring suburbs and for reversing the pattern of urban sprawl. I am committed to making our neighborhoods more livable, walkable and safe to raise our families. I also see a need to strengthen the County Land Bank to address and manage the foreclosure crisis. I am excited to move the County into a green economy and help create a best land use practice to provide a more sustainable pattern of land development and conservation throughout our District.

3) What qualifications do you bring that make you the most qualified?

My accomplishments as a South Euclid Councilwoman for almost 12 years and as Council President include the establishment of the position of Economic Development Director, smart and green development, the South Euclid Dog Park, the South Euclid Humane Society, and leadership to build consensus among council members and the administration. 

My experience as an attorney, volunteer juvenile court magistrate, mayor's court magistrate, and as a guardian ad litem for children, has enabled me to be  involved in every aspect of the judicial system and to interface with health and human service agencies on frequent basis.    

I am also a member of the National League of Cities Energy, Environmental and Natural Resources Policy and Advocacy Committee. This Committee develops policy through consensus among members from throughout the country on matters such as energy policy and  noise control.

4) What will you do in your first weeks?

The Council will create and establish a functional council body, including the forming of committees, electing a council president, and hiring a clerk of council to enable the Council to govern. Council will pass an ethics policy and address ethics training for employees. Council will study the make up of the many boards and agencies and review the appointment process and their efficiency. 

5) How will we know you are doing a good job?

I plan to have town hall meetings in the different municipalities in the District and stay in communication with residents through the internet and hopefully by webcam.

The people will be able to see results and the new Council's transparency and open door policies. It is an exciting time for our region.

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Volume 3, Issue 10, Posted 2:17 PM, 09.28.2010