Rich Devor Candidate for Cuyahoga County Council-District 11, Independent

1. Describe for us the duties of a member of the County Council.

The main duty of a member of County Council or any other political office is to represent the will of the people with honesty and integrity. They should work to reduce the tax burden on the citizens as well as keeping debt to a minimum and never passing debt onto future generations. Finally, the Council should work to reduce the size of government.

2. Why do you want to serve on County Council?

I feel like I have to get involved in politics because I can no longer watch elected officials ignore the voices of the people and do what is in their own interests. Many people have given up because they no longer feel that their elected officials do what is in their best interests. This is what I strive to change. I want to show the citizens that I work for what integrity and honesty is about. I hope to restore their faith in the system and inspire them to become educated and involved. I also want to create a better future for the younger generations. If we sit back and do nothing, the kids will grow up and ask “why didn’t you do anything?” What will be our excuse? We just need to do what is right.

3. What qualifications do you bring that make you the most qualified?

My qualifications include having a high level of integrity and honesty. I also have a working knowledge of American history and the intended role of government in our lives and economics. I am by no means an expert in these fields and I am constantly learning, but I have a solid understanding of them.

4. What will you do in your first weeks?

Being that this is a completely new structure for county government; the first couple weeks will be hectic. I imagine I will spend some time getting to know the fellow council people, and working out the final details for meetings, offices, etcetera.  

5. How will we know that you are doing a good job?

You will know that I am doing a good job when the county budget gets reduced, taxes are lowered, we become more business friendly, and the citizens become more educated and involved.

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Volume 3, Issue 10, Posted 2:20 PM, 09.28.2010