Don Scipione candidate for Country Executive, Independent

If elected County Executive, what goals would top the list of things that you'd hope to accomplish during your term in office? ·        

  • As a lifelong Cleveland Heights resident, promote our successes throughout the county.
  • Consolidate and re-engineer county business systems, adopt a collaborative method of service delivery, and increase productivity 25%. In four years, be saving $200 million each year. $200 million for tax cuts and investment in jobs and prosperity.
  • Have an transparent and responsive county government by implementing Ethics Workgroup recommendations. County business will be on-line. There will be no “missing” files.
  • Create jobs and prosperity by promoting the healthcare technology industry and stimulating business expansion by reducing taxes and buying local.

What approach would you take to working with the new County Council to keep lines of communication open in order to achieve consensus on major county wide objectives?

Begin working with Council on November 3rd to jointly determine high level appointees. Open business systems will allow Council to view participate in the decision process and avoid surprises. Teamwork and respect will be the hallmark.

How will Cuyahoga County voters know if the new government structure is working as envisioned?

Purging the remaining political appointees, cronies, and double dippers will close the book on corruption and increase worker morale. In four years, government will be 30% smaller and cost $200 million/year less to run. $200 million that can be used to cut taxes, deliver better service, and invest in the future.

Do you believe the new structure has the potential to spark economic growth and job creation in Northeast Ohio?

Build upon good county programs that can be models of regional cooperation and lay the foundation for jobs and prosperity. 

  • Education. Focus on early education - the most cost effective way to curb illiteracy, build a competitive workforce, and cut the demand for social services. The return on this type of education initiative is 7-15 times the investment. By third grade, every student must be able to read, write, calculate and understand nutrition and wellness. 
  • Healthcare.  Offering Cuyahoga County’s healthcare plan to local municipalities will reduce local government healthcare insurance costs and improve the mix of paying to indigent patients at Metro Health, thereby lessening the burden on taxpayers..
  • The healthcare industry is Cuyahoga County’s leading employer.  I will vigorously promote our growing health care technology industry and tie it to a successful Medical Mart
  • Foreclosed properties.  Go after all 10,000 foreclosed and vacant properties. I will work with the judiciary and state lawmakers to ensure we have means to expedite land banking in a cost-effective manner and keep foreclosures out of the hands of absentee speculators.

Do you see a need for further "tinkering" with the County Charter to improve prospects for a successful transition?

The Charter--which I believe in, helped write, and am committed to—culminates twenty years study. It is a human endeavor, so there will always be plenty of room for tinkering. That’s why we framers set an early date for its review, and planned succeeding reviews every five years thereafter.

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