Only you know what's REALLY going on; Help us get it covered

Perhaps the most frequent compliment I hear about the Heights Observer is that so much of its content is worth reading and important to the community.

Even so, when the editorial committee meets, we spend a lot of time discussing what doesn’t seem to get covered well. Here’s a partial list:

  • Sports—the high school, middle school, and private school teams, and local clubs, such as Eastside Kickers soccer and Heights Recreation basketball;
  • Programs offered by the religious congregations of Cleveland Heights and University Heights;
  • Community groups—from neighborhood organizations to block parties, scout troops and book discussion groups;
  • Private-school events and activities;
  • Activities of the various school clubs and parent groups;
  • All those interesting individuals who have unique hobbies, passions and pursuits.

More photos and stories on these topics would make the Observer that much more fun to read, and that much more reflective of the community.

Here’s the problem. As I mentioned last month, we don’t have staff to ferret out and write these stories. News about the 60,000-plus people who live and work in Cleveland Heights-University Heights has to come from the people who know about them, that is, from those of you who are directly involved.

We’ve created a presentation to help local groups and organizations learn how—and why—they can use the Observer to share their stories with the rest of the community. Our knowledgeable volunteers will come to your church meeting, scout meeting, association board meeting or other community gathering to present the "how-to" on writing and submitting your stories, answer questions and help empower your group to get its news into the paper.

If you’d like someone to present our program at an upcoming meeting of your organization, please contact me at, or Deanna Bremer Fisher, FutureHeights executive director, at 216-320-1423.

Remember that you can submit a story to the Heights Observer by registering at the Member Center:

Bob Rosenbaum, chairman of the newspaper's Editorial Advisory Committee and a member of the FutureHeights board, writes this monthly column to provide transparency about the Observer. Send your comments and questions to

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Volume 3, Issue 2, Posted 12:11 PM, 02.21.2010