Red and white at Dave’s Market complement summer dining

Jekel Riesling

Last week, while shopping at Severance Town Center, I walked into Dave’s Market to meander through the wine department. They have a large variety of wines at very affordable prices. The store is cool and the wine display is well maintained. Always on the lookout for new wine finds, I bought these two bottles. Both were very good.

2007 Jekel Vineyards Riesling Monterey $11.79

This dry Riesling is very easy to drink. Warm California temperatures, moderated by the cooling ocean breezes, make Monterey a great place for growing grapes. These climate contrasts add a nice complexity to the wine, which has lovely aromas and flavors of orange and tangerine. This Monterey Riesling will go well with lighter summer fare, such as salads, seafood and poultry.

2005 Columbia Crest Two Vines Shiraz $8.29

Columbia Crest is known for its very drinkable and reasonably priced wines. Two Vines Shiraz, made from the syrah grape of Washington State, represents a successful attempt at making an Australian-style wine. "Shiraz" is what the Aussies call syrah. This is a fruit-forward wine with aromas of plums and black raspberries, along with a dollop of cedar and oak. It’s easy to drink and will go nicely with your summer parties and barbecues. On sale at Dave’s for less than $9 a bottle, this is a fantastic bargain!

Now that the weather has settled into a more pleasing realm, try these wines at your next cookout. Thanks to many of you for the positive feedback on this column. Perhaps we can share a glass of wine somewhere in the Heights this summer!

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Volume 2, Issue 6, Posted 10:40 AM, 05.19.2009