Eight lighthearted tips for working moms: how to not lose your mind while you care for those you love

For working moms who need suggestions for juggling responsibilities (or maybe just a good laugh), this list may be just what you’re looking for. Note: Follow these tips at your own risk.


1. It is OK if the sink is rarely clear of dirty dishes during the work week, as long as they are rinsed and there is a scheduled rotation.


2. The dining room table makes a great staging area for laundry. I mean, who has time for dinner parties anyway? 


3. To avoid complaints when packing lunches for the family, simply tell them they will either be responsible for packing their own or they will gladly accept what you pack. nine times out of ten, complaints will cease.


4. Create a standard shopping list organized in the order of the stores you frequent.


5. For artistically driven little ones, invest in a set of “washable, non-toxic” markers. Keeping them occupied will enable you to cook dinner in peace.


6. There is something to be said for the “pick your battles” strategy, especially when parenting an adolescent. Remember that striped hair is trivial compared to some things.


7. Yelling is to be expected with your teenager, at least once in a while. Remember that the result is communication and, after all, that is the goal.


8. If you get the urge to have more kids, try getting a dog first. They look just as cute in clothes and you can leave them home alone. (Shopping, anyone?)

Finally, remember that laughter is an essential element of maintaining sanity while working and caring for loved ones.  Tip 5 contributed by Becky Swersky, mom extraordinaire.

Mary Carroll Courtwright is a teacher and writer. Her novel "Song of the Messenger", which is set in Cleveland Heights, was published in 2007. For more information, visit www.marycourtwright.com. 

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Volume 2, Issue 8, Posted 6:56 PM, 07.10.2009